Susana García

Position: English Principal

Our English Principal, Miss Susy, is a motivated Teacher with more than 29 years of experience working with children in different subjects. Successful in facilitating English as a Second  Language from preschool to high school. Recognized for inspiring team members and encouraging creating work environments.

Her education consists of a full span of degrees and diplomas all related to teaching and developing children’s minds and skills, including: a Bachellor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management, and International Teaching Training Course (ANGLO MEXICANO DE CULTURA, 1996), a Diploma in Developing Thinking Skills for Children ( ITESO, 1998 ), a Bachelor of Preschool Education (CENEVAL 2006), a Diploma in Development of Innovative Learning Environments (UNIVA, 2012), and a Master in Human And Organizational Development (UNIVA, 2019)